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We have 42,591 members and their families, driving 56,078 vehicles and riding 35,493 cycles

In 2021 we saved our members £314,560 in recovery fees, storage charges and insurance excess

In 2021 we successfully helped 2,168 members with their motoring, cycling and property claims

How does TMA work?

How does Total Motor Assist (TMA) work?


TMA sits alongside your insurance, maximises your entitlement to extra services, and helps you avoid a claim on your insurance.

TMA is not an insurance or breakdown policy. It's a complete package of benefits and services specifically designed to give you more than you would otherwise get from your insurance or breakdown cover.


You are not legally required to contact your insurer about the accident immediately, just within a 'reasonable time'.

That's the legal reason why you are perfectly entitled to call us first and get more services and then let your insurer know.


Call our 24/7 Member Helpline first - not your insurer - when you've had an accident.

We will help you immediately, starting with free recovery from the scene of the accident if you need it.


After you've called us, you should inform your insurer that you've been in an accident - but make it very clear to them that this is for 'information only' and that you don't wish to make an insurance claim.

This will make sure that your insurer doesn't settle with the other party's insurer without your knowledge or start the ball rolling with a claim on your insurance.


If you call your insurer first instead of us, it's almost impossible for us to help you after that, no matter how much we would like to.

Your insurer is unlikely to give you the same services that we will - for example, they might give you a courtesy car instead of the as-new like-for-like replacement car you'd get from us. Once your insurer has started their process, there's little we can then step in and do for you.


Our default approach is to do everything without claiming on your insurance policy. Why claim if don't actually have to!

That's almost always possible when there's an identified and insured third party who is at least partly at fault. Your insurer, by contrast, is geared towards making a claim on policy, which can significantly affect your no claims bonus and require you to pay your excess. As you know, it's so much better if you can avoid all of that cost and hassle.

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